104 Day Coaching Program

A New Era of Coaching, A New Way of Being

  • Live Your Life, Your Way
  • Success with Balance, Fun and Fulfillment
  • Transform Stress to Work For You
  • Enhance Your Total Wellbeing with a Personalised Approach
  • Understand 'You' through a New Lens
  • Create a New Purposeful Roadmap Forward
  • This is a Private 1:1 Coaching Experience with Angela Lee Jenkins
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A New Era of Coaching... A New Way Of Being


You are unique. Understand 'You', how you best operate and your unique genetics from a completely new lens. You will receive a comprehensive personalised Epigenetic Profile.

Align your natural biology with your life to create flow. Learn to optimise stress from a new paradigm. Raise the level you operate by expanding physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Create and design a life that is meaningful to you.

Holistic Mastery Coaching

Angela brings her 21 years of international experience to create a space for you allowing your brilliance to emerge. The coaching experience is private 1:1 coaching all about you.

She will support you to purposefully perform. Uncover blocks, shift perspectives, align to values and what's important to you. See greater visions and opportunities. Navigate through challenges and develop and action a new roadmap forward. What's Possible?

The Experience

This isn't just a 'normal' one dimensional coaching program. This is a complete experience physically, mentally. emotionally and purposefully. We will focus on implementation, embracing the learnings on yourself and applying into your life. To know and not to do is to not really know.

Here's What Some People Had to Say About Working with Angela

“Angela helped me make a difference, she put me on a path to achieve my greatest goal and she effectively changed my life. She is truly remarkable and if you are ready to take the journey, I can assure you she delivers one hell of a ride”

Becc, Mum and Senior Banking Executive

Ange has mentored and coached me over the past few years and has helped me fine tune my purpose, break down many barriers and given me the tools to take action quickly. From a business perspective we have collaborated on a program using PH360 and as a result we are now working with clients in NZ, Australia, US and Europe. BIG thanks to Ange for opening some fun doors for me over the past few years. Have a chat with her and see what doors she can open for you.

Neil Wagstaff

Owner Peak Health & Fitness and Running Hot Coaching.

I chose to invest in coaching with Ang EVERY month this year. Investing & focusing more on self this year (previously it had been heavily directed towards professional development) has seen my biggest expansion in myself AND professionally which was a surprise to me. Had I not experienced focusing on self I wouldnt have believed it would have that much positive carry over into my business. Angela has guided and inspired me from a place of exhaustion to a space where I feel happier, healthier and more vital.   As a career mum, this was a gold achievement for me.

Ginera - Owner Vitality Health Solutions

The single most effective program of “de cluttering” and “re prioritising” in my 30 years of running & owning businesses. The results have been lasting and lifechanging. Thankyou Angela. Angela has also presented and run corporate training for my different teams over the years with exceptional results

Alex Pagonis CEO

About Angela

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years I have been fortunate to coach some of the world's most successful business people and run corporate wellbeing programs. I've also developed an international health coaching program, spoken internationally and mentored award winning trainers.

In 2015, my life changed forever when my son Will was born and and passed away at 104days old. I was blessed a year later with my daughter Liv. My journey led me to go deeper within emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. I have studied, experienced and learnt from some of the worlds best in many different modalities to bring my 4D approach to life.

I practice what i preach, in fact I live and breathe this. Its allowed me to transform tragedy to a new way of being.

I have found a new way with more ease, greater energy, happiness, fun and fulfillment no matter what the external circumstances and am passionate about sharing this with many more clients.

For some 104days is a lifetime...... The 'Will to Liv' your most fulfilling life can start now.

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104 Day Coaching Accelerator

You will receive: - 

Initial Private 3Hr Workshop - Online or In person on the Gold Coast

Private 1: 1 Mastery Coaching Sessions

Final 90min Private Workshop - Online or in Person on the Gold Coast

Epigenetic Profile Self Assessment and 12month Access to Personalised Platform

Direct Access to Angela for support throughout the 104days

Access to all of Angela's Resources as required

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