30 Day Workplace

Wellbeing Program

Driving real and lasting improvements in mental & physical health, stress management, productivity and performance for your business.

Are you ready for a healthy, happy and engaged workplace?

With Angela Lee Jenkins Powered by Shaewellness Technology

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Welcome to your 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge

The challenged powered by ShaeWellness technology is designed to deliver a precise and powerful kickstart, reset, or booster relevant to all levels of health.

With genetically-accurate nutrition and lifestyle recommendations customized for each unique employee, the challenge creates a fun, educational, and engaging wellness experience for each individual and the entire workplace from Day 1.

Powerful Science

The program is powered by Shaewellness technology a fully automated wellness program scientifically proven to help your employees improve their wellbeing.

Developed by an international team of independent doctors, researchers, and technology programmers for over 15 years, ShaeWellness uses a powerful epigenetics analysis platform informed by 100% evidence-based medical research.

Results that Matter

Improvements in Mental Health scores in as little as 10 days. An increase in connection and motivation scores. A reduction in blood pressure and stress.

"It’s rare for the whole staff to engage in something like a Health Challenge and the SW team certainly provided the knowledge, intrigue, support, challenge, fun and relevance to make this a huge success... it brought everyone together as a team.Racha Makki , Deputy Principal

International Presenter

With over 20 years in the wellbeing industry, Angela has coached leaders around the world, developed a team of coaches in Australia, NZ and Asia and speaks internationally.

She is known for her inspiring energy and cutting edge concepts. She has a long list of clients with lasting and life changing results.

“Angela helped me make a difference, she put me on a path to achieve my greatest goal and she effectively changed my life"

Rebecca Senior Banking Executive

For more about Angela www.angelaleejenkins.com

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A Healthy, Happy, Engaged Workplace Can Start Now.

Your business is only as healthy as those who run it

When you choose to see your staff as unique human beings – who are giving their precious time to you in return for your support – you quickly realize that when each person feels seen, valued, and supported, your workplace magically aligns and your business grows.

Personalising the Program

Each participant in the program will receive a comprehensive epigenetic profile with access to the SHAE app. Comprehensive and individual wellness support in your hand. Everything from

  • Mindset, Stress and Behaviour
  • Movement Plans
  • Energy Booster Tips
  • Sleep and Lifestyle Insights
  • Productivity Scheduler
  • Performance Reminders
  • Nutrition for Genetic Type
  • Daily Motivations
  • Personalized Notifications

You will also receive

  • Inspiring Weekly Workshops and Education
  • Team building and fun
  • Ongoing hands on support
  • Option for additional 1:1 consultations

Start 2022 recharged, refreshed and refocussed through a new lens.